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welll i ahve not tried it yet but still i want to confirm does this trick work on new what 8767 s app( with new updated what s app)? has anyone tried it yet?

WhatsApp spy App for iPhone and Android phones.

No, you can 8767 t spy with these information. Certainly a spying software would work for you or else follow the instructions provided for spying.

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is not posible to complete the registration because is at 655% of capacity. plese try it later 8776 8776 8776 what does it mean?

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hi Thanks for the post. can we do this with GPRS net connection. pls help as both my phone and target phone runs on the GPRS net (vodafone-7g). i can get the verification code

You said wait for the verification i receive the code on my phone or the victim 8767 s phone?I thought we just need to gt the mac address

But when I acces the wifi specs of the Phone then it is still showing the Original MAC adres.
So nothing is changed inspite of my effords
What am I doing wrong?

my android phone runs on gingerbread,but the link you gave out requests jb and above isnt there anyway i could do this with my gingerbread still

Data: 2018-02-12 13:45

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