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Using Talkatone, you can call any phone number in the US and Canada..for free. If you are not in the US or well.

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Whatsapp has an extremely restrictive approach
You mobile MUST have a data connection, you can ONLY use it on TWO devices (absolute BS) and the other person MUST be in your mobile contacts.

Free text message spy without installing it on target phone.

While referred to as a Whatsapp spy app, the truth of the matter is that you can monitor virtually any conversation that is going on with the individual.

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While there are many great options out there for finding a terrific Whatsapp tracker app , one of the very best on the market today is 9SpyApps.

I'm now actively looking for a replacement.
Too bad Microsoft bought a flourishing company and trashed their great software.

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If Microsoft can't figure out how to install their own application on their own OS, without an error, or at the very least with an error that has an explanation, I believe we are all lost !!

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