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Media that is deleted from Whatsapp mobile app doesn't get deleted from the web version. How do we delete the media on the web?

How your partner can spy on you using WhatsApp Web The.

How can I permanently disable that "WhatsApp on the Web" account? I have logged off all the logins once on my mobile but the next day it was found logged in. Meanwhile, that person has not touched my phone.

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Hi admin i Am from ivory coast west Africa that SAID no offers so i tried To download ghost vpn but they say files corrupted!!plezse would you help me?does IT work in Africa ?

Use Whatsapp? You Phone number is your Username and IMEI

I 8767 m an hacker for hire contact me if you wish to spy on a cheating partner via mobile phone hack or social media hack, clear criminal records or remove a content online.

Could I ask you? If I am online on my PC , can my friends using their phone see me online? Thank you for your answer :-)

scanning the code is unsuccessful,..i am very frustrated because of it. there is no internet connection problem.

Can someone help me. Somebody has configured my WhatsApp account on his PC by scanning QR code from my Phone's Camera. Now that person is able to see all my WhatsApp chats.

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