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Now, when you know why is tracking/monitoring of smartphone is so important then let us look at how to achieve it.

Sell my phone | Mobile phone recycling - Trade in | Three.

Though, what if you are unable to install the tracker software app on the target mobile that you are trying to find?
With the great advancements in technology today, everything seems possible.

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You cannot track WhatsApp calls using mSpy. However, you can use FlexiSpy in order to do that. For more details follow this post Spy on WhatsApp calls

How to Track Phone Location without Installing Software?

I need to monitor hike app contact status like the other contact is online or not or last seen status. Is there any app which will help this situation? please suggest.

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Mobile Phone Tracking can be started in as little as 65 minutes. There is no quicker or easier method to track the smartphone of your kids or employees! Make sure they are safe and sound with SpyStealth ®

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