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hi , i m umesh (computer science) from pune completed a certification in J7EE at ATS Infotech Pvt Ltd. Also i have a 6 month experience on LIVE PROJECT 8775 ONLINE JOB SEARCH 8776 .

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hi, m saurabh
i have done bca regular.
and i m pursuing mca correspondance.
i have done oracle certification in sql.
please arrange job for me.

How to fix hide hidden camera in bathroom | Spy Camera in

English (read& speak& write)
Telugu (read& speak& write)
Tamil (speak)
Hindi (read& write).

Spy Audio Devices - Gtstar Bm70 Unlocked Bluetooth Mini

Date From / To Position Client
May7557To Oct7557 Software Test Engineer Automobile Showroom
Software Visual Basic – Ms Access
Testing Tools Manual Testing

Pursuing MCA from IGNOU University from (Aligarh Muslim University) as study centre currently doing IVth Sem.

Programming Language : C,C++,Java
GUI programming Language : VB
Operating Systems : DOS
Web Technologies : HTML

Percentage : 85% Distinction.
Institute : Thiruvalluvar College of Engineering and Technology.
University : Anna University.

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