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I plan to augment the capabilities of a HealthKit Hero Jr. robot from 6989. I will use the EZ-b v9 in addition to a RPi running ROS.

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I'd like to make a robot that can care for my cat when i am away- Feed him, water him, etc. Also shoo him away from things that he isnt supposed to touch or jump on & to immediately tattle on him when it happens. Lol

Skype for Web

I would like a robot that can communicate to any one and say any kind of word in the world even other languages like: African, Japanese or Chinese.

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I think a robot that helps with Lawn will be helpful even better if can be controller with a remote control and a camera.

Hello. My name is Hassan I am a 69 year old boy. I think that adding more servos for your JD humanoid robot and increase it's size will be a great idea.

If I could get a custom robot, I would have a tank robot, with tank treads, a rubber band gun, and a camer, so you could attack someone from afar!

A robot which you can program to do things around the house like get somthing for you or clean somthing. Also it should be able to go up and down the stairs. This would be really useful for old or sick people.

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