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the SQL guy of the customer created a customer report based on the 8775 8776 View.
(Basically, the customer needs to know all outbound calls from one specific number)

Office 365 Skype for Business IM archiving / logging

Once installed/active on the server, select 8775 New Report 8776 in the New Report or Dataset window.  Select 8775 Table or Matrix Wizard 8776 .

Skype - Official Site

Do this via the report page 8767 s URL, plus login & password. If you aren 8767 t sure of the URL, use the 8775 Get-CsReportingConfiguration 8776 Powershell cmdlet to locate it.

Dive into Skype Conversation - Spy on Skype Chat, Call

(There are many more procedures than I could describe here. Suffice to say that you 8767 ll need a little SQL knowledge to properly build your query.)

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7.  When the search has finished running, grant yourself Full Access Permission to the discovery mailbox.  After a few minutes, it will show up in your Outlook on the left hand side.

I may have to try downloading any of these app and see how it works! Need to check on my kids whats app account! A parent here

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