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People can get confused about the requirements for spy software to work and which cell phones are supported by the different companies. There are two other major points to consider:

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Police have pounced on a suspected truck thief hiding in a hairdresser after he led officers on a chase through Melbourne’s north western suburbs.

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No the software is installed on to the phone itself. A new phone will be free from spy soft. unless someone installs it physically again.

US gives £100m to our spy centre: Deal raises questions

This is by no means a definitive list – other programs are available. These are the cell phone spy programs that I have tried and tested and am happy to recommend.

Getting this part clear in your head will help you understand why certain requirements are important for the software to work well. They say an image can tell a thousand words so take a look at the picture below.

Thanks for the great information. My question is, if the phone number on the targeted phone is changed, or the sim card is replaced, will the software continue to work? Thanks in advance.

They will all help but the speed of reply can sometimes be too slow. I have found a few ways to get better support service.

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