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The driver does not appear to be compatible with Windows 65 Device Guard Code Integrity (HVCI) as reported by the Microsoft readiness tool /./

Hello. Is there any update on this? I have e7995, e7955 model laptops and want to deploy Monitor but now I m scared.

To me, it doesn t make sense to have a sensor telling me there s a problem with the battery (on both cases 7 and 8) and this is not being captured by Dell Command Monitor.

So, in the end even if we fix the first issue in the Management Pack we still have the second. And I really need the second one to be fixed.

It s related to AMD driver. AMD driver during installation makes some changes, which we can t find. Service DSM SA Data Manager then can t be started because it fails.

Issue: Dell Command | Monitor does not support enable or disable &ldquo VMD technology &rdquo BIOS feature.

DCIM_Battery is bringing value 5 (which means battery is OK) on the HealthState property even when it s not.

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