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Here is picture taken from the web interface of a GPS tracking app that will be illustrative of just how exact tracking can be:

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Thanks so much for the reply and the article! The help was much appreciated. I ll be contacting my carrier as it is the only thing that I can do now.

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Sorry to hear that your phone is having problems Doug, I hope that this advice helps. Good luck my friend if there is anything else I can do to try and help just let me know.

I am unsure if there is an app for Nokia or Windows phones that will let you install the tracking software remotely.

But given that the phone is on, it is in network range, and you have already downloaded the tracking app, how helpful will one of these apps truly be?  Can it provide an exact location for a lost phone?

If its constant and other people in the area are not having any problems with their service then continue reading.

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