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Parental Control GuestSpy genie app makes setting parental controls easy. Keep your kids safe by monitor inappropriate actions. Establish online boundaries for your family.

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With your help I have been able to give proof that harrasment happened to my daughter from one in her class..

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It gives you remote access to call logs and details of incoming and outgoing calls, including date, time, and duration of calls.

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I think your spy software is very well engineered and are useful for employee monitoring in a real-world IT environment.

Highster Mobile works with devices running Android and up. I tested it on a Samsung Galaxy S5 (Android ), a Motorola Moto Z (Android ), and an HTC 65 (Android ) and it worked fine on all of them.

All-in-One Cell Phone Parental Control by TheTruthSpy. Do you ever wonder what your kids are doing on their smartphones all day long.

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