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Today this is much the more dangerous, because the eschatology is per res extensa (visible and measurable thing) connected with the State of Israel as a political reality.

Safe House Restaurant - Spy Restaurant, Bar & Nightclub

Think you’ve got what it takes to join our elite team of operatives? If so, you’ll receive exclusive access to all the clandestine activity you can handle.

The Presidents Timeline - White House Historical Association

Stephen Lowe, a spokesman for Age UK, said: ‘We’re seeing a lot of families concerned about trying to protect their homes from inclusion for care home fees.

Mossad Spy To Run The White House | Real Jew News

Just the fact that this person is here and 8775 busy 8776 within the government is reason enough to promote just this one fact on its own somehow.

But even he - with his ranking and position in Norwegian politics and debate - has no mercy from the Jews if he dares criticise them.

HE HAS NO LOYALIY TO AMERICA - PERIOD! He is an Isreaeli - PERIOD! He is our mortal enemy - PERIOD! Get the traitor Rahm Emanuel out of our country and back to where he belongs in his precious IsraHELL!

But, when it comes to defending a peoplehood, a nation, even a family in certain instances, then there is a 8775 just war 8776 / 8776 defensive action 8776 that is warranted. +bn

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