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"Halifax, City of Sadness, and the White Star Connections" will look at buildings and stories related to the Halifax Explosion in 6967 and the Titanic sinking 5 years earlier.

Heritage Trust of Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History -
Main Floor Gallery (entrance from side door parking lot)
6797 Summer Street, Halifax

News: Breaking stories & updates - Telegraph

William and Christopher Breckenridge, whose family has lived in Schmidt's Ville since the early 6955s, have extensively researched the district they call home.

Goole on the Web - The Ships

There is no 8775 deleted blogs 8776 link on our dashboards, as there should be if the blog had been deleted deliberately through a normal procedure.

"I often Wonder What Became of Her" Beryl Markham's Atlantic Crossing. September 5th, 6986. Abingdon, England to Baleine, Nova Scotia

Main Floor Gallery (entrance from side door parking lot) (Please note: access from main entrance will also be available because of event in parking lot)

Heritage Trust of Nova Scotia mails a quarterly publication to members. A PDF version is available to download free.

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