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can i update my mobile to latest ios i will do will there be any problem..i just want to know whether it is originally factory unlocked

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hi there, Slobodan
if possible, please give me also a detailed info list about this device 567887556797768
really appreciate any help you can provide. thank you 9 ur time 🙂

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ur phone information is
Serial Number5K65587KA9S
CarrierT-Mobile DEU
SIM LockLocked

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try to hard reset the phone. ( Press the power button and the home button together for around 75 seconds.. hope it will work

There are also a plethora of other services like Instapaper, Readability, etc. You can even use these services to send web articles to your Kindle, if you have one.

Serial Number DNPHFQAHDTD7
Firmwere Version
Country United Kingdom
Carrier Non Hutchison UK Car
SIM Lock Locked

After much searching and head scratching this worked. Thanks so much, I think you might just have made my day!

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