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Installation Service for a small fee they can now Jailbreak or Root your device and fully set up the Flexispy software, making it really easy for first time users.

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Thank you very much!
I think your spy software is very well engineered and are useful for employee monitoring in a real-world IT environment.

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You can select to have the software completely hidden during installation as most people do. There will be no icons or sign of the spy software and their app icons will be just the same as before.

Flexispy – the Best Cell Phone Spy, or Just the Most

They go even further it will not be flagged by the major virus software apps and it will not be found by task killer programs. It is definitely the most secure product available right now.

The spy app records and saves all the WhatsApp messages received and sent on/from your target phone, even those that have been deleted. Thanks.

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If the target phone number is changed, would I have to change anything or will flexispy continue to work as normal?

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