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They should really refund you your money if it doesn't work (have you tried escalating to a manager?) If they won't, well, this may be one of the situations credit card chargebacks are designed for.

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As Bruce Schneier, encryption specialist, fellow at Harvard’s Berkman Center for Internet and Society, and privacy advocate famously stated ,

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Once a call is live, you can easily turn your webcam or microphone on and off, and chat via text. Once everyone&rsquo s online, you can also lock the call for extra privacy.

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Telecommunications incl interception is regulated by the Commonwealth under its constitutional powers. Surveillance, including electronic surveillance, can be regulated by State laws.

The legislation refers to who makes the recording not the how. So provided whatever records the conversation is operated by someone who has a right to record the conversation there is no issue.

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LinuxTopic: "The oddest places you'll find Linux and the 65 oddest distros." We also discusss Larry's upcoming 5 year anniversary of appearing on Computer America and Steam on Linux.

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