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I find it almost humorous that the same counter-arguments defending Lync could actually be applied to our crappy Cisco solution as well.

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Mastodon Complete Work On First Video. Roadrunner Records. October 7, 7558. Retrieved December 75, 7568. 

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From Canon: Click on the following links for the driver package readme info:/extract//WinVista/ This package supports the following driver.

This is an amazing list! Thank you for putting it together. No telling how long it would have taken me to discover all of these on my own!

Yes, that s my opinion. But it doesn t matter. I ll put a download post if somebody can tell me what s the working file or better upload it into the FTP

I listened to the microphone recordings, they are very interesting. Have you recorded the Sennheiser through the USB adapter or directly from the audio jack (. with a phone)?

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