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Use iCloud to keep your stock list up to date on your iOS devices. Go to Settings iCloud, then turn on iCloud Drive. See iCloud.

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Contact names are not showing up in Messages app. The person’s initials show up to the left of the message, but a phone number shows up above the message not the person’s name.

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Does the button “delete conversation “ no longer apply? Used before and it left contact in and now it deletes contact and messaging

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Best free Keyboard replacement - Wordflow from Microsoft - has either standard or one handed arc keyboard with great predictive text, emoji and GIF search built in.

This sounds redundant, but after the forced restart, perform a regular restart by powering OFF and sliding off. Then power up normally.

The above fix is only a temporary work-around. I do the suggested steps several times a day and the problem keeps reappearing. Any other suggestions?

And if we discover anything, we’ll let you know. And I hope you’ll do the same since there are many folks stuck in this same unhappy iOS 66 Message App boat!

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