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TinyGPX processes GPX files from and outputs super-compact HTML file with the essential cache information.

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Navfun Pro is the ideal navigation/maps tool that gives you all the goodies of a full featured GPS receiver and Google Maps, Earth, Terrain. Ideal for hiking, geocaching, skiing, mountain biking, and city tours.

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PyGpsLog is a GPS logger for S65 smartphones that uses Nokia's internal location and landmarks API and thus can co-exist with other navigation applications (. Nokia Maps) running at the same time.

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GPS Test shows basic GPS signal (SNR) and satellite information as well as your current location and time read from the GPS engine.

SportyPal is for running and cycling - log and map your tracks and results on the web, analyze afterwards or share with your friends.

Best Free Money Manager - MINT - lets you track daily spending, link to your credit card and back accounts and now even pay your bills.

OpenGGD aims to be a solution for centralizing the vehicle fleet GPS information, acting as an interface among different GPS devices or their control programs and different GIS programs.

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