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I love the health app. I want to know how do I retrieve data from the previous day on the dashboard ? I saw it on steps recorded by the hour.

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well i agree with angry cos im sick off the do gooders allowing my child to be out there with money and unprotected 66 isnt old enough to know enough these days u got to protect them however you can and its frustrating

Compatibility Android, iPhone and BlackBerry Monitoring App.

Can you track a phone with out downloading an app to it or ever physically touching the phone. Say just using a cell number can you track a cell phone?

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You can view the monthly summary chart of the data usage. Check out the history of Data/Wi-Fi usage and get the real insight of its consumption.

Hello, does the cell has to be rooted? And how much is the program ? If a factory reset is done is the program gone ???

So basically if you dont have a 6 or 6plus you can only get your walking stats? Thats kinda annoying that all my 5s can do is show me how far ive walked..

Yesterday I turned the walking & distance off in the Health app then restarted my phone. Once I did that I noticed the distance was tracking more accurately, then today it went back into sucky mode again.

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