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However, I am 655% focused on making the game as deep and as awesome as I can right now, and I 8767 ll worry about the platforms later, after I 8767 ve got the gameplay where I want it.

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Haven't set out to do that yet, so far the only difficulties I'm having is encountering Lucia and Marcus. Also for some reason Jojo is already corrupt before I've even encountered him?

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We look forward to this every year, and now the time has come! Submissions are now open for The Seventh Annual Saxxy Awards !

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Hello. I didn 8767 t read everything, but i 8767 d like to ask if i can play it only with friends or can i play it with random people?

To become a dragon, you need to unlock volcanic crag(I forgot how) and eat drake hearts. There isn't anyone else there, but the behemoth who is very nice and won't attack you. I can't help you with the other part.

You have to spar with her a bunch of times I think she also gives you some knuckle weapons for doing that if I remember well.

I am at level 85, so I say get to level 65-75 before going into the deepwoods to find the person who you, trust me it will make your life in this game easier.

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