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Cell Phone Spy Apps 2018 to use for Android and iPhone

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The app also provides a notification whenever you have received a phone call or message from a blocked contact so that you can access it later.


The app is one of the most popular, have a healthy community of over 67 million active users who contribute everyday to maintain a Call Control database of spam callers.

10 Parental Control Apps for Android to Use in 2018

To make it easier for you to maintain your personalized blacklist of numbers, the app let you add numbers using wildcard entries so that you can block a specific series of numbers.

TheTruthSpy: Mobile Spy - Android Spy - Hidden Spy App

Tired of receiving spam calls every once in a while? Install Mr. Number app on your Android phone and get rid of all those unwanted phone calls.

Parents who do not have advanced knowledge of PC/mobile world will find Norton easy to install. It cannot block undesirable contacts or set time restrictions.

View all incoming/outgoing text messages on your child’s phone. Keep an eye on anyone your child exchanges messages with. Prevent communication with those who could do harm to your child.

PhoneSherrif is not easy to set up. It is difficult to block web pages with filthy content filtering process is cumbersome.

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